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Asamiya, Kia/ SILENT MOBIUS #1/ Cover photo, Viz Graphic 2nd VG+ TradePb ISBN: 1569313644 (16.95) $2.25
Asamiya, Kia/ SILENT MOBIUS #2/ Cover photo, Viz Graphic 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1569313679 (16.95) $4.25
Asamiya, Kia/ SILENT MOBIUS #3/ Cover photo, Viz Graphic 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1569313709 (16.95) $4.25
Asamiya, Kia/ SILENT MOBIUS #4/ Cover photo, Viz Graphic 1st VG+ TradePb ISBN: 1569314721 (15.95) $7.00
Barstow, Anne Llewellyn/ WITCHCRAZE: OUR LEGACY OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN/ Cover photo, Pandora 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 0062510363 (15.00) $3.25
Beers, Georgia/ FRESH TRACKS/ Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1933110635 (15.95) $8.00
Beers, Georgia/ TURNING THE PAGE/ Cover photo, Yellow Rose 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1930928513 (16.99) $9.50
Berg, Rick/ THE ART AND ADVENTURE OF TRAVELING CHEAPLY/ Cover photo, Signet 1st VG- MMPb ISBN: 0451097297 (2.50) $4.50
Black, Ronica/ WILD ABANDON/ Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 193311035X (15.95) $6.75
Brownworth, Victoria A./ NIGHT BITES: Vampire Stories by Women/ Cover photo, Seal 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1878067710 (12.95) $3.75
Burrough, P.A./ PRINCIPLES OF GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS FOR LAND RESOURCES ASSESSMENT/ Cover photo, Oxford Science 1st? VG TradePb ISBN: 0198545924 (?.??) $5.00
Burroughs, Augusten/ RUNNING WITH SCISSORS: A Memoir/ Picador 14th Fine TradePb ISBN: 031242227X (14.00) $2.25
Cannon, Julie/ JUST BUSINESS/ Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 9781602820524 (15.95) $9.00
Dawkins, Cecil/ THE QUIET ENEMY/ Collection, Cover photo, Penguin 1st VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0140080112 (5.95) $1.00
Douglas, Lauren Wright/ NINTH LIFE/ Reece #2, Naiad 1st VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0941483509 (8.95) $1.00
Farmer, Fannie Merritt/ THE BOSTON COOKING SCHOOL COOK BOOK/ w Illustrations, No jacket. 1939 Cover photo, Little, Brown 6th VG HC No ISBN (?.??) $11.50
Forbes, Chris/ FABERGE THE IMPERIAL EGGS/ Oversize, Cover photo, San Diego Museum of Art 1st As-New TradePb ISBN: 093710809X (?.??) $4.00
Forrest, Katherine V. {ed}/ ALL IN THE SEASONING/ Cover photo, Bywater 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1932859268 (13.95) $5.25
Goldsby, Gabrielle/ PAYBACKS/ Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 9781602820463 (14.95) $7.00
Held, Gilbert/ THE COMPLETE MODEM REFERENCE: The Technicians Guide to Installation, Testing, and Trouble-Free Communications/ Cover photo,Wiley 1st VG TradePb ISBN: 0471154571 (39.95) $3.00
Hofmann-Wellenhof, Lichtneegger, Collins/ GPS: Theory and Practice/ Cover photo, Springer Verlag 3rd-revised VG+ TradePb ISBN: 3211825916 (?.??) $20.00
Husain, Shahrukh/ DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON/ Cover photo, Faber-and-Faber 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 0571198740 (14.95) $5.25
Kakinouchi, Narumi/ JULINE #1/ Cover photo, Tokyopop 1st VG+ TradePb ISBN: 189221363X (12.95) $7.25
Kakinouchi, Narumi/ JULINE #2/ Cover photo, Tokyopop 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1892213850 (12.95) $3.00
Keates, John S./ CARTOGRAPHIC DESIGN AND PRODUCTION/ Cover photo, Longman 2nd VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0582301335 (?.??) $6.00
Lamb, Wally/ SHE'S COME UNDONE/ Cover photo, Washington Square 3rd VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0671003755 (14.00) $2.00
Loulan, JoAnn/ LESBIAN SEX/ Cover photo Spinsters Ink 6th VG TradePb ISBN: 0933216130 (10.95) $4.25
Maddison, Lauren/ DECEPTIONS/ Hawthorne #1, Cover photo Alyson 2nd Fine TradePb ISBN: 1555834906 (12.95) $2.00
Maran, Meredith/ DIRTY: A Search for Answers Inside America's Teenage Drug Epidemic/ Signed, Harper 1st Fine\VG+ HC ISBN: 006008622X (24.95) $3.50
March, Caeia/ THE HIDE AND SEEK FILES/ Cover photo, Women's Press 1st VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0704340968 (£6.99) $1.75
McEntyre, John G./ LAND SURVEY SYSTEMS/ Cover photo, Landmark 2nd HC VG+\None ISBN: 0910845271 (??.??) $27.00
Medici, Marina/ GOOD MAGIC/ Cover photo, Prentice Hall 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 0133603148 (14.95) $3.75
Mikhail + Gracie/ ANALYSIS & ADJUSTMENT OF SURVEY MEASUREMENTS/ Cover photo Van Nostrand Reinhold 8th VG\VG HC ISBN: 0442253699 (?.??) $55.75
Millner, Caille/ THE GOLDEN ROAD: Notes on My Gentrification/ Penguin 1st As-New TradePb ISBN: 9780143112976 (14.00) $2.75
Mukherjee, Bharati/ JASMINE/ Fawcett 17th VG MMPb ISBN: 0449219232 (6.99) $1.75
New, Cheryl & Quick, James/ GRANTSEEKER'S TOOLKIT: A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO FINDING FUNDING/ w CD of files, Cover photo Wiley 9th As-New TradePb ISBN: 0471193038 (39.95) $13.50
Redmann, J.M./ WATER MARK/ Knight, Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st As-New TradePb ISBN: 9781602821798 (16.95) $15.00
Roy, Arundhati/ THE GOD OF SMALL THINGS/ Cover photo, Harper 23rd VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0060977493 (14.00) $3.00
Saint Marie, Francine/ THE SECRET KEEPING/ Cover photo, Spinsters Ink 1st Fine+ TradePb ISBN: 188352377X (14.95) $10.25
Samura, Hiroaki/ BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL: BLOOD OF A THOUSAND/ Cover photo, Dark Horse 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1569712395 (14.95) $7.25
Sobel, Dava/ GALILEO'S DAUGHTER/ Cover photo, Penguin 13th Fine TradePb ISBN: 0140280553 (15.00) $1.00
Sobell, Mark G./ PRACTICAL GUIDE TO THE UNIX SYSTEM/ Benjamin\Cummings 9th VG TradePb ISBN: 0805302433 (29.95) $2.25
Spangler, Rachel/ LEARNING CURVE/ Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 9781602820012 (15.95) $5.00
Stores, Teresa/ GETTING TO THE POINT/ Cover photo, Naiad 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1562801007 (10.95) $1.75
Takahashi, Rumiko/ MAISON IKKOKU #1/ Cover photo, Viz Graphic 6th Fine TradePb ISBN: 1569310440 (16.95) $5.75
Takahashi, Rumiko/ MERMAID'S SCAR/ Cover photo, Viz Graphic 2nd VG+ TradePb ISBN: 1569310831 (17.95) $4.75
Tan, Cecilia{ed}/ SEXMAGICK/ Cover photo, Circlet 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1885865147 (7.95) $3.75
Taylor, Sheila Ortiz/ SLOW DANCING AT MISS POLLY'S/ Cover photo, Naiad 1st VG+ TradePb ISBN: 0941483304 (7.95) $1.75
Thompson, Ki/ HOUSE OF CLOUDS/ Cover photo, Bold Strokes 1st Fine TradePb ISBN: 1933110945 (15.95) $9.00
Wilson, Barbara/ SISTERS OF THE ROAD/ Nilsen #2, Cover photo, Seal 4th VG+ TradePb ISBN: 1878067249 (9.95) $2.50
Zweig, Arnold/ EDUCATION BEFORE VERDUN/ Viking xLib 1st? VG\None HC No ISBN (?.??) $2.00

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