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Some of what's on this page:
Textbooks Online
Link to Auditorium (Music, etc Bldg) Map
Class info
Homeworks, Handouts, etc.
The SCC Live Sound Gear
Manuals, data sheets for other SCC Sound Gear
Formulas, Additional Resources

Attendance and Homework are 40% of your grade! Homework will be corrected and returned, but not graded.
Due dates for homework and take-home quizzes are final - no late work accepted. Work is due at the beginning of class.

If you cannot return an assignment to me at classtimes, you may leave it BEFORE THE BEGINNING OF CLASS in my box in the HFA office (A19).
Occasionally, depending on circumstances, I may allow you to email your work to me; you MUST EMAIL IT BEFORE THE END OF THE CLASS PERIOD in which it is due.

MUSM 306 is an alternative course for MUSM 342, the 1st Recording Studio Techniques class.
Either MUSM 306 or MUSM 342 may be used as the prerequisite for MUSM 344, the 2nd Recording Studio Techniques class.
MUSM 306 may also be taken for elective credit by those who have already taken MUSM 342.

Books Online:
Modern Recording Techniques: Author: Huber & Runstein , ISBN: 9780240810690; Edition/Copyright: 7th 2009; Publisher: Focal Press, Inc.; Cover: Paperback
   via bookfinder.com    Overstock.com Shipping: $2.95     Amazon     College Bookstore Online
This text is also available for in-library loan at the Learning Resource Center, but don't depend on that because you can't check it out for the open-book tests...

• The 'Yamaha' book: (NOT REQUIRED)
   via bookfinder     at Amazon
• The 'Mix' book: (NOT REQUIRED)
    via bookfinder.com    at Amazon

Handouts, homeworks, etc: in appx chronological order. (REF: not required, for further study)
 REF Decibel cross-reference re distances, power, etc.
 REF Inverse-Square Law for Sound
 REF Inverse-square decibel worksheet
 REF A good description of hearing and the decibel scale
 REF Understanding Harmonics on stringed instruments
 REF Distortion 101
 REF Haas Effect (aka Precedence Effect) at Wikipedia and Rane Glossary
 REF Bass? Midrange? Treble?
  Syllabus v4
  Decibel Exposure Time Guide
  Line level: balanced vs unbalanced: +4 dBu vs -10 dBV or -20bBV; 1.3V vs 0.3V
  Octaves, Harmonics, Wavelengths
  Fletcher-Munson Equal Loudness Curves on 'All Church Sound' site.
  Freq's, Staves, and Piano graph
  Connectors handout
  Webpage access, email, hearing protection
  Homework Ch1, Ch2
 REF Ribbon Microphones and Phantom Power: "Harmed or even destroyed"
 REF Some good graphics and explanations of Mic types
 REF EV RE20 dynamic mic (also known as PL20 - little proximity effect due to Variable-D design)
 REF How do VU and dB meters differ?
  3Ds of Mic patterns
  Balanced vs unbalanced Audio
  Countryman Type 85 active direct box (DI) documentation
  Shure Beta 58A dynamic mic (vocals) webpage and user guide
  Homework on Chapter 4
  Movie of Over-Under cable wrapping technique
 REF Patch Bays w half-normal, full-normal: info on dbx site and Sweetwater.com
  Patch Bays w half-normal, full-normal: graphics with explanatory text here
  SCC SR Stereo Flowchart
  SCC SR Stereo Wiring (per 'system')
  AH GL2400 mixer brochure.pdf
  AH GL2400 mixer blockdiagram.pdf
  AH GL2400 mixer manual
  Homework on Chapter 13
 REF Q: Quality factor. The selectivity factor: the ratio of the center frequency f divided by the bandwidth BW (upper freq - lower freq at 3db down from peak value).
 REF Q vs Bandwidth Calculator
 REF Notes on Pink and White Noise
 REF Further info on effects
  Musicians, this is for you - we can't get a good sound for your audience if you won't work with us!
  Moulton Labs: Good explanation of phase cancellation/comb filtering
  EQ Article w Vocal and Instrument Freqs
  Ringing out monitors (getting rid of feedback)
  Homework on Chapter 14
 REF Representation of Numbers (Binary, Decimal, etc.)
 REF Decimal/Binary/Hex Calculator
 REF  Digital Audio and Wikipedia
   at PC Recording
  Homework on Chapters 6 & 7
 REF Amplifier Classes (general info - lots o' tech)
 REF  Power amp anatomy (lots o' tech)
 REF Amplifier damping factor explanation Marantz and Wikipedia
 REF Speaker wire on Wikipedia
 REF Definition for Intermodulation Distortion (IMD) at Sweetwater
  AWG Wire Resistance
  Amplifier output hookups (stereo, bridged)
  Hafler Pro6000 amp
  Homework on Chapter 12 and Hafler amp
 REF Speakon Connectors explained    REF Speakon Connectors from Neutrik
 REF Top 10 Ways To "Toast" Speakers and Diaphragms
 REF dbx DriveRack PA Cut sheet
  Speaker Combination Impedances
  Series vs parallel
  Crossover basics Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
  Homework on Chapter 16
 REF DiY Acoustics
 REF Acoustic Treatment and Design for Recording Studios and Listening Rooms
 REF Rane Sound System Interconnection Note 110 (re ground loops, etc.)
  Recording Studio Room Acoustics and Helmholtz Resonators
  Helmholtz resonators, etc
  Ground loops (hum, noise)
  Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner
  Homework on Chapter 3
  Troubleshooting Worksheet (Use ' SCC SR Stereo Flowchart' and 'SCC SR Stereo Wiring' from above)
Some of these are Word and Excel docs I created, others are links to online Acrobat pdf's, gifs, jpegs, or html, etc websites. If you have any difficulties with the Excel or Word docs, please let me know. (IE opens them OK on my WinXP system, which doesn't have Excel on it)

Please let me know if any links don't work or have died. I run a linkchecker regularly, but some websites seem to get 'redecorated' constantly...

Manuals, data sheets for the Live Sound Gear:
  Shure SM58 dynamic mic (vocals) webpage and user guide
  Shure SM57 dynamic mic (instruments) webpage and user guide
  Shure Beta 58A dynamic mic (vocals) webpage and user guide
  Shure Beta 57A dynamic mic (instruments) webpageand user guide
  Shure SM81 condenser mic webpage and user guide
  Sennheiser MD421 II dynamic mic (we have originals, very similar)   PDF Spec
  AKG D112 dynamic mic (kick drum)
  Countryman Type 85 direct box (DI) documentation
  Stewart ADB-1 direct box (DI) (not much here)
  Mackie SR24•4 VLZ 24-channel mixer
  dbx 215 EQ (Mains)
  Rane GE30 EQs (1st & 2nd monitor mixes)
  dbx 166 Compressor/Limiter/Gate
  TC Electronics M350 Dual-Engine Processor
  Behringer DSP1124P Feedback Destroyer Pro
  dbx 223XL stereo active crossover
  Crown Macro-Tech 2400 amp (Mains)
  Crown Micro-Tech 1200 amp (Subs)
  Hafler Pro6000 amp (Monitors)
  Yamaha C115V (Mains)
  JBL 4628B cabinets (Subs)
  JBL 4602B stage monitor (older)
  JBL MR802 stage monitors (newer)
  Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner

Manuals, data sheets for other SCC Sound Gear:

Formulas :
Frequency = 1 / the period of one cycle   (Ex: 1 / 10 milliseconds = 100Hz)
  FYI: Period of one cycle = 1 / Frequency   (Ex: 1 / 100Hz = 0.010 seconds = 10 millisec's)
Wavelength (lambda, Λ) = Velocity / Frequency
     Wavelength = The distance it takes for a wave to complete one cycle, in feet or meters.
     Velocity = Speed of Sound (~1130 feet per second, ~1ft/msec, ~344 meters per second)
     Frequency = Cycles per second (Hz)

Simple Feedback Ear Trainer (for Windows only)
Dictionary of electrical terms for the sound engineer
ProSoundWeb: Old Soundman
PSW Sound Reinforcement Forums
The Classic Live Audio Forum
Harmony Central: PA Basics and Glossary for Newbies
Yorkville Basic P/A Systems Primer and P/A Basics and User Tips Guide
Other Reference/Resource Pages

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