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Small to larger systems available for everything from single mic setups to outdoor gigs.
I'm also available for operation of your PA, or we can supplement your gear with mine.
For a full live sound setup that includes remic'ing, the *minimum* time from start of load-in to start of first set is 2hrs firm; additional time is required for a sound check.
Gear list

Additionally, I offer gear repair and/or analysis and adjustment of fixed installations such as churches and nightclubs, or can help you optimize your band's system at your rehearsal place or gig,
I also do onsite audio instruction and training so you (or your sound tech) can have you sounding your very best thru your system because you have a better understanding of how it all works.
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I do electronic/mechanical repairs (musical gear, mics, headphones, cables, mic stands, etc ...) for $40/hour, 15 minute minimum. (Replacing an XLR connector on a mic cable might take me 15minutes, including diagnosis). I'm an electronics technician by degree and resume, and I've done mil-spec soldering in the past, so no worries about workmanship. I charge what I pay for connectors, etc.
Before and After bent pin photos.

Also, with enough information, I can make a power adapter/charger/supply for your camera, cell phone, pedals, wireless receiver, rack gear, whatever. I can put the right connector (w the correct polarity, when applicable) on the right AC-AC or AC-DC adaptor.
Prices start at $13, depending on amperage and connector needed, as adaptors for over 750mA are more expensive...
(It's illegal to throw batteries away:

Based in Santa Cruz, CA - available for work in the greater San Francisco Bay area and beyond.

Please contact:
Susan Pankratz  Audio Engineer, Sound/Electronics Engineering Tech, Instructor

pankratz AT books57 DOT net   cell: 831-325-7282
(AA's SCC Audio Production: within Music.pdf, Electronics Technology - Chabot); Highest Honors for both.

Susan's Instructor, Audio / Computer / Electronics Engineering Tech Resume, an MS Word Doc   Life as computer geek

Audiopile/EWI - great online source for audio connectors, cables, snakes, etc. They are marvelous folks too.

Musicians, this is for you - we can't get a good sound for your audience if you won't work with us!
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